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starobots doodles

Juniper and all his admirers! Faris, Cyprian and Eritton belong to my girlfriend. 

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Yukito and Phantom belong to my girlfriend.

And a shot of how I decorated my sketchbooks! The one on the left is full.

After learning some poses, I tried to test them out! After that I tried fattening these guys up a bit and adding clothing, haha.

1. Oliver defending his daughters.

2. Tate and Remi shopping with Audley in tow.

3. Ansgar is the gayest thing on earth.

4. And again, Ansgar.

5. I have no idea, maybe magical Ansgar made him appear out of no where from another dimension. 

6. Girls! 

7. My favourite of the girl practices.

8. Flora is obsessed with Poppy.

9. And again.

10. Basil’s hair was dyed pink after an unfortunate incident with a certain hairdresser.

Practicing poses! I referenced a set of 60 poses that scilentor on dA created.

1. Kasper. Was going to colour it but changed my mind. idk.

2. David and Skye hanging out together in the sun.

Before and after colouring of Ilya and Nikolaj. I liked it a lot more before I ruined it with colours. ;0;

Some stick figures in colour. :3

1. Ansgar and Kai.

2. Remi and Audley being adorable.

3. Curtis running away from his dentist boyfriend.

4. Garrett drunk and upset, destroying things.

5. Remi and Audley trying to reunite Tate and Aksel 2 years after their break up.

6. Igor proposing to Eros.

7. Adorable Poppy and Clover (aka Popover).

8. Vanilla made a cake for Clementine.

9. Piper and Spirit being colourful and cute!

Just a blog for my drawings. Occasional appearances made by some of my girlfriend's characters as well as my good buddy Ain's characters.

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